baby doll (muppetbaby) wrote in class_of_2002,
baby doll

Life In Cardiff

After the first few weeks, which I hated, I am finally feeling more settled here, and am maybe even (whisper it) enjoying it at times. Me and my long-term boyfriend from home broke up 2 weeks ago, which devastated me at the time, but it's actually made life here a lot easier, not missing someone all the time and all that.

The course is very interesting, but very hard (whoever thought media would be hard?!), and I currently have 3 essays on the go with another 2 to be set on Thursday, but that's what uni's all about, isn't it? In theory anyway :p

Oh, and I live with psycho-medic student who apparantly needs to take up more room in the fridge and freezer than me, Sarah, Sophie and Lynsey put together 'because she can't drink milk'. Eh?! Fine, she needs special meals, but come on! And she always turns the plugs off at the walls, which wouldn't be a problem except that when you're starving and wondering why your pasta still isn't boiling after 10 minutes, it gets a little bit annoying.

But yay, Cardiff is a beautiful city, which makes everything ok :D
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