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Should I stay or Should I Go?

I need advice. No, I need someone to live my life and make my decision for me - but failing that, I'd really like advice. I just don't know what to do.

I'm hating uni. There's nothing specifically wrong - the uni isn't that bad, the course is quite good, the city is fairly horrible but essentially OK... but I'm devestatingly miserable, to the extent that I'm already falling behind academically, I'm back on anti-depressants and I don't go out at all. I tried initially to meet people and make an effort, but I never met anyone I really clicked with, and I live alone so I literally go whole weeks without talking to anyone other than in shops etc.

But I really really really want a degree. Quitting in favour of another uni isn't an option, because this is already my third attempt - no-one would touch me with a bargepole, and rightly too! I need a degree because I want a demanding, interesting career - but I just don't know if I can stick it out here being so miserable for 3 years.

Any ideas?
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