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interesting decision...

originally, when i started my course here, i was prepared and expected to go away in my second year to america (either colorado, victoria or carleton). i handed my form in today, uvic first, colorado second, carleton third. i think everyone wants uvic though so i mightn't go there.

the problem is, i am starting to get very cold feet about the whole america thing. i really like it here, i really like it at home and i probably would settle in very fast to a new place as well. but it's a long way away and there's always the chance that i won't.

then there's the whole boyfriend issue, i have a boyfriend here. in my opinion, if he's worth it (we got together a month or so after we met here), he'll wait a year while i am in america as it is a huge opportunity and i would kick myself if i missed it. the other half of me, however, is kinda thinking that as everything is going well here, why take the risk of going somewhere where stuff could really mess up?

oh, and there's the house thing. it would be cool to share a house with my friends here, but if i'm away then i mightn't get the chance in the third year because they will have their little housing plans already organised after second year. so i may end up alienated from my friends here because i go away for a year.

but it's a fantastic opportunity and i may be kicking myself for years if i miss it.

any opinons or just "dont be so stupid rachel"s welcome...
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